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Rotten Veggies
GINGER the Carrot

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Authors : Zam Steepa (A.K.A. Nathan Gross) , Sally Dee

Rotten Veggies. A series of picture books…for adults!
Carrots and beans! Beetroots and radishes! Cucumbers and the whole rotten rest!

My parents always told me, “Eat your veggies, son! They’re good for you!"
Well, not these vegetables! 
Rotten Veggies portrays vegetables at their most rotten!

'Ginger the Carrot' is a coming of age story. It's about leaving home and discovering the world. It's about smoking your first toke, getting sick on alcohol and being with a woman for the first time. And then it's about revenge for all those little carrots back in your patch who were always laughing at you 'cause you looked an bloody-orangey type of way!

Each book in the series is a small and stylish object printed on 215 gram thick Freelife Merida paper within a double folded 350 gram cover of white Tintoretto Aylon paper. Sally and Zam see each volume of 'Rotten Veggies' as an 'Object of Art' as well as a book. They love the feel of the thick grainy paper rubbed between their fingers and the sturdiness of the book as a whole in their hands. Zam and Sally see 'Rotten Veggies' displayed on a bookcase, a coffee table, or opened like a work of art on a shelf, ready to be picked up and appreciated.

Sally Dee Nathan Gross
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